And It’s Just About Clean

Posted in General by L-Dawg @ Aug 26, 2007

Well it took about a month, but it’s just about clean. I have some more things to get rid of (and I have to wait for my new dining room table to come in at IKEA), but at least everything is pretty organized for now.

Special thanks to Salman who said “I will store your TV box in my garage if you have your place cleaned up by Saturday.” And I didn’t want to store that box, so I cleaned. Thanks Salman, you really did keep me motivated =)

Don’t forget to check out myPicasa for more pictures!

At Least I’m Done Moving…

Posted in General by L-Dawg @ Jul 29, 2007

New Place!

Well here I am. I’m moved into my NEW(!!!) place, which I OWN(!!!). I’m almost completely unpacked, with the exception of a few pieces of furniture that I need to get rid of.

With that said, I haven’t had much time to play with my camera, and I haven’t had as much motivation to put stuff up here. I know, right? Big surprise? Well to hold you guys over, I did take some pictures of my new place the day I got my keys. I know, you still haven’t seen what it looks like since I’ve moved in, but at least give me a chance to clean up a bit first so you can see all the sexiness that is my new place.

Check out the pictures on myPicasa.

A Long Birthday Weekend

Posted in General by L-Dawg @ Jul 7, 2007

Since I was supposed to move this weekend, I took some extra days off. The 4th I already had off, the 5th I took off because it was my birthday (happy birthday, me!), and the 6th because I was going to move.

Well, I didn’t move, and I realized that most of the people I’d have wanted to spend time with on my birthday were actually at work. So the past 3 days (5th, 6th, today) I’ve basically straightened up stuff around here so it’ll be easier to move (which will hopefully happen next weekend), played games, and ran a few errands. Oh well and tonight I went to a wedding. Oh and I went to a movie last night. And dessert on my actual birthday. But otherwise, who knew such a long weekend could be so uneventful?

On the 4th I went to my folks’ house to celebrate my b-day early as well as do some fireworks. That was pretty fun — you can check out pictures of that little event at myPicasa if you’d like.

Oh and for my birthday? My parents got me exactly what I asked them for: Planet Earth on DVD. Check out the little teaser video at Amazon. Siiiick.

Saturday BBQ

Posted in General by L-Dawg @ Jun 16, 2007

So today marked the first BBQ I’ve been to since I started at my job. Sweet! Rian and I drove way out to Battleground (which I guess is in Washington) to Matt’s house, which is ginormous (not a real word). Nice work, Matt! Anyways, we were supposed to bring a dessert or a salad, so Rian and I stopped by the natural foods market and bought a little chocolate cake and put raspberries on top to make it look expensive. Thanks to Rian’s mom for the idea! We saved $$ and didn’t lose any street-cred. I think our cake was a hit except for BJ/Amber’s ice cream cake. HOWEVER, their cake had a Shrek theme, which I think is a totally B.S. gimmick to lure in kids. Anyways, here are a few highlights:


The lovely Salman being manhandled by Matt

Some kid and a dog (thanks Salman)
Some kid and a dog

Nice pic…but gross.
Some kid and his leftovers on his face

FYI, Amber was pretty good about not saying “Luke how could you not like kids!?!?” the whole time. Which isn’t surprising, because she saw what I saw and shouldn’t have needed to ask. One kid kept sneezing/coughing on the food. Nine out of ten of the kids there were walking around with food all over their faces the whole time. Every time the “adults” tried to play a game, the kids would grab all the crap and take over themselves. One kid was touching all the desserts:

Stop touching that $#!+!

No Amber, these kids didn’t make any progress towards converting me… =)

Also, you can check out ALL the pics in their full glory on myPicasa.

English Lesson

Posted in 'I like to complain.',Random Writings by L-Dawg @ Jun 7, 2007

One of my pet peeves is when people use the English language incorrectly. This (to me) includes things such as punctuation, word choice, etc. I don’t ask for perfection, but there are some mistakes that really get on my nerves. Here are a few of them:

Lesson 1

Their, They’re, and There
THEIR refers to a group’s possession. THEY’RE refers to a group’s action/status (what are THEY doing?). THERE refers to a place in space (it’s over there!). Pretty simple.

It’s vs. Its
Apostrophes indicate one of two things: possession, or a contraction (i.e. two words joined together/shortened). With “it’s”, however, it ONLY indicates a contraction. So when you’re talking about your dog, and you refer to ITS bone, there’s no apostrophe. When you’re referring to how the dog is eating ITS food, you say IT’S eating. By the way, the apostrophe goes where the missing letters are!

Too, To, and Two
Another easy one! Two is the number (duh). TOO refers to sort of an amount of something, like too much candy, or too many cows. It can also mean also, TOO. Get it? TO is for the rest.

TV’s, DVD’s, PC’s
Wrong, wrong, wrong. There shouldn’t be apostrophes in these! They are NOT possessive and they are NOT contractions. They are plural nouns. TVs, DVDs, PCs…thumbs up.

Then vs Than
THEN is used to describe a sequence or order. THAN is used to compare or contrast. First I said blue is better THAN yellow, THEN I said I liked all colors.

Lesson 2 coming soon. Learn lesson 1 first. =)

One of my grammatical weaknesses: periods and commas in quotations.

Riding the MAX = Lame to the MAX

Posted in 'I like to complain.' by L-Dawg @ Jun 4, 2007


I can’t stand riding the MAX to work. BJ, you said it wasn’t crowded and that you almost always get a seat! Psh. Probability of sitting? 15%. Here are the top 5 worst things about the MAX:

  1. All surfaces are greasy/dirty/disgusting. Yuck.
  2. When someone smells, you smell it.
  3. When someone talks on their phone, or talks about their hand-made Indian shirt, or says how “freakin’ sweaty” they are, you get to hear every word of it.
  4. People who bring their bikes on. Dude, you realize there was barely enough room to squeeze YOU on the train, and now you’re moving 4 people out to fit your BIKE? Here’s an idea: RIDE IT!
  5. The people who will squeeze in, NO MATTER WHAT. I do not want your crotch all up against my body, let alone your stinky smoky breath!

That’s it for now.

Pictures for Today

Posted in check it out by L-Dawg @ Jun 1, 2007

Because I’m bored, here are two pictures not taken for photography’s sake, but rather for conversation’s sake.

Legitimate Copy of MS Office 2007
The first legitimate piece of business software I’ve ever purchased (I think). Price you’d pay: $419.99. Price I paid: $60.

Collage from Mama
Some things to notice: little Brent, little turtlenecks, lots of hair. Oh, and one of those pictures isn’t of me.

David Blaine: YouTube Edition

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Two things: first of all, Rian from work was nice enough to share with me some of [what I think are] the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on youTube. If you don’t know who David Blaine is, don’t bother watching these:

WARNING: Strong language! Maybe be unsuitable around family and/or co-workers!

Volume 1
Volume 2

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It’s an XBOX, Not a “Video Game”

Posted in 'I like to complain.' by L-Dawg @ May 29, 2007

I’ve been watching the Run’s House marathon on MTV the past few days. The more I watch that show, the more it grows on me. One of my favorite parts is when the youngest son (Russy) buys a Wii with the money he was supposed to spend on clothes. When Dad (Joe) goes to talk to him about what he’d done wrong, he ends up getting addicted to the Wii instead.

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Added a Photos Button at the Top

Posted in Site Administration Junk by L-Dawg @ May 28, 2007

Just a quick note to mention I added a photo button at the top that links to my Flickr account. Check back in periodically (and perhaps I’ll let you know as well) to see what I’m adding there =)

K bye.