English Lesson

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One of my pet peeves is when people use the English language incorrectly. This (to me) includes things such as punctuation, word choice, etc. I don’t ask for perfection, but there are some mistakes that really get on my nerves. Here are a few of them:

Lesson 1

Their, They’re, and There
THEIR refers to a group’s possession. THEY’RE refers to a group’s action/status (what are THEY doing?). THERE refers to a place in space (it’s over there!). Pretty simple.

It’s vs. Its
Apostrophes indicate one of two things: possession, or a contraction (i.e. two words joined together/shortened). With “it’s”, however, it ONLY indicates a contraction. So when you’re talking about your dog, and you refer to ITS bone, there’s no apostrophe. When you’re referring to how the dog is eating ITS food, you say IT’S eating. By the way, the apostrophe goes where the missing letters are!

Too, To, and Two
Another easy one! Two is the number (duh). TOO refers to sort of an amount of something, like too much candy, or too many cows. It can also mean also, TOO. Get it? TO is for the rest.

TV’s, DVD’s, PC’s
Wrong, wrong, wrong. There shouldn’t be apostrophes in these! They are NOT possessive and they are NOT contractions. They are plural nouns. TVs, DVDs, PCs…thumbs up.

Then vs Than
THEN is used to describe a sequence or order. THAN is used to compare or contrast. First I said blue is better THAN yellow, THEN I said I liked all colors.

Lesson 2 coming soon. Learn lesson 1 first. =)

One of my grammatical weaknesses: periods and commas in quotations.

Riding the MAX = Lame to the MAX

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I can’t stand riding the MAX to work. BJ, you said it wasn’t crowded and that you almost always get a seat! Psh. Probability of sitting? 15%. Here are the top 5 worst things about the MAX:

  1. All surfaces are greasy/dirty/disgusting. Yuck.
  2. When someone smells, you smell it.
  3. When someone talks on their phone, or talks about their hand-made Indian shirt, or says how “freakin’ sweaty” they are, you get to hear every word of it.
  4. People who bring their bikes on. Dude, you realize there was barely enough room to squeeze YOU on the train, and now you’re moving 4 people out to fit your BIKE? Here’s an idea: RIDE IT!
  5. The people who will squeeze in, NO MATTER WHAT. I do not want your crotch all up against my body, let alone your stinky smoky breath!

That’s it for now.

It’s an XBOX, Not a “Video Game”

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I’ve been watching the Run’s House marathon on MTV the past few days. The more I watch that show, the more it grows on me. One of my favorite parts is when the youngest son (Russy) buys a Wii with the money he was supposed to spend on clothes. When Dad (Joe) goes to talk to him about what he’d done wrong, he ends up getting addicted to the Wii instead.

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My Teacher Hates Me (I’m Nearly Certain)

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You guys know about my long Tuesdays, right? So you should know that by the time 6pm rolls around and I’m walking into my last (3hr) class of the day, I’m already pretty burned out on school.


It shouldn’t surprise you then, when I say I try my best to have a little bit of fun in that class. I’ve learned how to send anonymous messages to anyone else in the computer lab, whether they have instant messenger open or not. That spices things up a bit. I try to crack jokes on occasion and ask as many questions as possible to enhance my own experience (and surely the experience of those around me).

The real joke seems to be on me, though. I’m pretty sure my teacher hates me. Every time I say something funny (I know it’s funny because people are laughing) the teacher looks at me in disgust. “Why are you so…un-serious?” That’s what he’s thinking. The man does not take me seriously — he sees me as the class clown. I’ve got news, though: I’m not the class clown, I’m the guy keeping people interested in your class, man.

Sure I like to have a good time, but I’m a semi-bright guy who does his work and tries to have fun and interact with the people around me at the same time. That’s possible, right? The correct answer is “right, Luke, that’s possible.”


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Being on campus for 12 hours in one day is, simply put, “too much.” I’ve been here for six-and-a-half hours so far, and I have five-and-a-half to go. I feel like I’ve been here forever, and wouldn’t mind a nap. I’m also pretty sure my Anthro professor has almost no idea what she’s talking about. As I listen to her try to interact with her students, it honestly feels that she has no knowledge of her subject at all. Is that possible, do you think?

Hey, you know that unmistakable sound of someone clipping their finger/toenails? You know, the high-pitched quick clicks? Yeah, you know the one. Anyways, I was washing my hands in one of the bathrooms here on campus when I heard that noise coming from one of the stalls. That’s just weird.

I’ll be home at 9. I can’t wait — Tuesdays are gonna be rough.

I’m Disappointed…In All of You.

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First of all, only 13 votes so far? Come ON…in a debate as important as Gummi Bears vs. Swedish Fish I just feel that you should be passing on the word to your friends, family, and loved ones. “L-Dawg is doing a poll! Gummi Bears vs. Swedish Fish! You should go vote because the fish are losing!”

I voted for Swedish Fish. Shame on anyone who didn’t, really — Gummi Bears lack the level of class that Swedish Fish have. They’re imported from Sweden, for goodness’ sake! I feel like surely every person who voted for bears hasn’t actually had a Fish before.

My first week back at school seemed so long! Usually the first week flies by, sitting around getting a syllabus, leaving early, not doing much of anything but breezing through. I didn’t have a lot of shorter classes this week, though, and it just felt like it took forever. One good thing is that I have office hours again on campus, so I’ll have lots of extra time at a computer where I’ll be able to post up cool stuff for you guys to look at. You’re welcome! =)

Let’s Help Put a Stop to Buffets

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Say NO to Buffets
That’s right — I got sick again after eating at a Chinese buffet last evening in Salem. This is the second time in a row. There were so many kids there putting their hands in the food, throwing stuff, and being loud and nasty that I don’t think it would have mattered if it was the best food on earth (which it wasn’t). I still probably would have ended up sick.

So if all my readers pitch in and do their parts to avoid buffets in the future, I’m nearly sure we could have the world’s buffets shut down reallllly soon. Let’s get to work.

MySpace is so Lame!

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I’ll be the first one to admit that I have a profile on there, but alas, it’s only because people link me to their profiles and you can’t view pictures and whatnot without a profile of your own. Here are some of the reasons myspace is lame lame lame:

  1. Everyone thinks they’re a designer — news flash — your site is ugly!
  2. People waste time learning how to customize their profiles when they could just make their own sites instead…
  3. People use the most ridiculous pictures (see www.myspaceisgay.com)
  4. It’s an excuse for people to base their relationships with others purely on looks (pretty people have more friends). Here’s a test: go to any “attractive” person’s page. Take a look at the comments on their picture. “You are so hot, OMG!” What a waste.
  5. There’re ads everywhere! Where’s the content!?
  6. If you like spam emails, chain letters, and invites from random horndogs, MySpace is actually perfect for you.
  7. Facebook is better.

So there are a few reasons at least…

Hammered, but not drunk

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Can hammered mean other stuff than drunk? I think it can — for example, remember my short story I wrote last week? It got hammered at workshop this evening. Granted, I was tired to begin with, but I definitely didn’t feel like anyone liked it. I wasn’t offended really, just…well I lost motivation to edit it. There was so much editing suggested that I just don’t really feel like doing it now. That’s ok, it’s not required.

Also, I’m so freakin’ tired! I got a full 8 hours last night, I think something is really wrong with me. Probably it’s the fact that I HATE school and everything about it. Never in my life have I dreaded being somewhere so much every single day. I can’t wait ’til it’s over.

Fire alarm!

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I have a night class on Tuesday nights from 7-10. You guys already knew that. So we’re doing “workshop” where we critique each others’ papers and my paper is getting critiqued. read more »