Pictures for Today

Posted in check it out by L-Dawg @ Jun 1, 2007

Because I’m bored, here are two pictures not taken for photography’s sake, but rather for conversation’s sake.

Legitimate Copy of MS Office 2007
The first legitimate piece of business software I’ve ever purchased (I think). Price you’d pay: $419.99. Price I paid: $60.

Collage from Mama
Some things to notice: little Brent, little turtlenecks, lots of hair. Oh, and one of those pictures isn’t of me.

Stuff I’m Listening To

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Mat Kearney – Can’t Break Her Fall
Mat Kearney – What’s a Boy to Do
Mat Kearney – All I Need
Embrace – Gravity
Embrace – Nature’s Law
Garth Michael McDermott – Up From Nothing

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Oh and by the way, here’s kitty.

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Here’s a picture of the little lady I took last weekend:

Kismet on the dresser

Computer broken? Here’s what fixed mine…

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Scratched DiskNow I know most of you don’t really care, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I got a new sound card last week (the thing your speakers plug into), and since then my computer has been locking up almost every time I turn it on or restart. What the heck? So being the hacker that I am, I did a little research, checked my event logs, etc.

Long story short? It was as simple as taking the CD out of my CD-R drive. Who knew a scratched CD (it wasn’t scratched when I put it in, mind you) could lock up your whole computer? Now YOU do. So my sound card works…

Re-using the old stuff…

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You didn’t forget my “denied by a Comcast rep” bit, did you? read more »

Throwback: 2002

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Here are some lovely Flash movies I made back in my dorm days, I believe early 2002. I lived at Buxton, and I was completely inspired to do “Buxton Chronicles” that I actually did! Check them out. Rad.

Buxton Chronicles Episode 1

Buxton Chronicles Episode 2