David Blaine: YouTube Edition

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Two things: first of all, Rian from work was nice enough to share with me some of [what I think are] the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on youTube. If you don’t know who David Blaine is, don’t bother watching these:

WARNING: Strong language! Maybe be unsuitable around family and/or co-workers!

Volume 1
Volume 2

Also, I’ve decided to remove the “links” page from the menu at the top. If I find a lovely link, I’ll make a new post. If you ever want to come back and look at all the links I’ve posted, just click on the “LinkME” category to view all the links I’ve posted about.

With that said, here are all of the historical links I’ve posted. Might be a good idea to revisit some of these, while you’re here:

Deflexion – Laser chess! Now this is cool. And geeky.

Coffee art – How would you like it if your coffee looked like this? I don’t think I’d drink it.

Falling sand – You just can’t stop. Try it.

The Ariel Atom – Cool video about a new kind of car: better than a motorcycle! Check out the dude’s cheeks!

Things Given – An interesting story about a woman and things she took away from each of her relationships. Honestly changed my life in some senses. May not have the same effect on you, so don’t get too excited.

Honda Commercial – Some of you may have seen this. Watch it again. Then after you’ve seen it, read this and then watch this. Nice!

Terry Tate Commercials – Hilarious 3 minute “commercials”. Just watch.

Million Penny Homepage – Yeah, I signed up. Kinda cool.

Million Dollar Homepage – The original, which inspired the million penny version. Very cool, but too rich for my blood.

McDonald’s Sign Prank – Just read it. Entertaining.

The Ur-Quan Masters – Used to be called Star Control 2. For the old school gamers out there — and it’s free.

The Art of Retouching – I don’t know if this guy is for real or not (what celeb would allow this?) but someone retouched these pictures, and it’s incredible. It makes the retouched ones look like cartoons in comparison.

Spiked Humor – A few of you probably already look at this. An interesting collection of random videos and whatnot. Some crazy, some stupid, some dirty, pretty much all entertaining.

Zug: Comedy Online – Claims to be the only online comedy site. Yeah, right. But there’s a lot of funny stuff on here. This guy must be crazy!

Physics Cheatsheet – Cool for your analytical side. A “cheatsheet” for everything physics. Interesting if you’ve got the time!

Why Women Live Longer Than Men – Funny and short pictorial. Just don’t click on those pesky popups!

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