Saturday BBQ

Posted in General by L-Dawg @ Jun 16, 2007

So today marked the first BBQ I’ve been to since I started at my job. Sweet! Rian and I drove way out to Battleground (which I guess is in Washington) to Matt’s house, which is ginormous (not a real word). Nice work, Matt! Anyways, we were supposed to bring a dessert or a salad, so Rian and I stopped by the natural foods market and bought a little chocolate cake and put raspberries on top to make it look expensive. Thanks to Rian’s mom for the idea! We saved $$ and didn’t lose any street-cred. I think our cake was a hit except for BJ/Amber’s ice cream cake. HOWEVER, their cake had a Shrek theme, which I think is a totally B.S. gimmick to lure in kids. Anyways, here are a few highlights:


The lovely Salman being manhandled by Matt

Some kid and a dog (thanks Salman)
Some kid and a dog

Nice pic…but gross.
Some kid and his leftovers on his face

FYI, Amber was pretty good about not saying “Luke how could you not like kids!?!?” the whole time. Which isn’t surprising, because she saw what I saw and shouldn’t have needed to ask. One kid kept sneezing/coughing on the food. Nine out of ten of the kids there were walking around with food all over their faces the whole time. Every time the “adults” tried to play a game, the kids would grab all the crap and take over themselves. One kid was touching all the desserts:

Stop touching that $#!+!

No Amber, these kids didn’t make any progress towards converting me… =)

Also, you can check out ALL the pics in their full glory on myPicasa.

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  1. Desserts are usually the most fun to make (lazy!)—surprised you didn’t make your Oreo special. 😉

    Comment by katie — June 18, 2007 @ 9:23 am

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